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Invest in real estate funds and earn up to 5-7% annually plus 2-3% yield from the growth of apartment value! Join our early sign-up list!

Our Offer

Why are we offering this asset class?

Most online real estate platforms have been focused on loans backed by real estate collateral but NewSchool will offer a new aproach by investing in funds.

We are partnering with a licensed real estate investment fund that invests in a regulated fund that buys residential apartments from TOP quality developers (such as YIT, Bonava, etc), rents them out to tenants, and makes rent yield with apartment value appreciation yield.


Real estate with regular rent payments from tenants

Expected return

5-7% cash yield annual plus 2-3% yield from the growth of apartment value


5 years




An investor gets annual dividends, and additional return from apartment value growth when fund closes, can sell shares on the secondary market

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