NewSchool allows investing

in the best alternative assets

NewSchool allows investing in the best alternative assets

NewSchool offers everything your neo-broker or private bank cannot

Innovative Investments

Diversified assets, yields, collateral

Competitive Terms

Mid-high yield, small minimums, short durations, liquid

Functional Convenience

All in one place, fully digital

NewSchool for New Investing

There are many trading and investment platforms that focus on specific investor segments like professional investors, retail investors, and specific products (low-risk stocks and bonds, real-estate only platforms, speculative day trading, etc.).

But the objective of our platform is to offer high yield investments in alternative asset classes in a simple-to-understand format.

Our Investment Ideas


Buy shares in private unicorn companies for the term from 1 to 3 years and earn up to 20-80% yearly. Read more

Consumer Loans

Invest in secured and unsecured consumer loans from specialized loan originators for 1 to 12 months and get 10-14% return yearly! Read more


Buy an index that tracks a combination of TOP cryptocurrencies and get a 20 – 100% return annually! Read more

Real Estate

Invest in regulated real estate funds for 5 years, and get 5-7% annually and 2-3% yield from the growth of apartment value! Read more

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